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January 15, 2007


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The future of music is going to be dependent on how much the RIAA is willing to "play ball" with modern technology. They're apparently now spouting the idea that if Google can censor what sites show up in search results to conform to the Chinese government's whims, they should be able to block out sites the RIAA deems "offensive" to their bottom line.

Also note:


EMI has already announced they are abandoning DRM on their CDs, and I've seen rumors that at least one other major label is similarly giving up on infecting their products with this anti-consumer crap.

Probably not Universal and Sony, though, who apparently have their heads still firmly planted up their asses:


"Here's a chance for your products to gain visibility through viral word-of-mouth marketing, by being shared via portable music devices wirelessly... Let's prevent that from working so we can piss off consumers and prevent our artists from getting greater exposure."

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