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June 04, 2007


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While Truemors may have proven you can build and release a Web 2.0 app in record time and at limited expense, it also has proven (so far) that it's not always wise to do so. Shortly after it was released, Truemors was soundly trashed by most Web 2.0 blogs, such as TechCrunch, because it had rapidly devolved into a pool of spam and garbage rumors. The logic behind voting for favorite rumors fell apart because the incoming feed of new rumors (which would get posted at the top) would quickly scroll decent rumors off the front page, and there were no appreciable search features.

It's also very important to point out the difference between releasing a product and releasing a successful product. I don't believe Truemors has a significant revenue model going for it, and I don't see it being anything more than another Web 2.0 flame-out. Perhaps it'll get an extra minute or two of fame because it's Kawasaki's project, and people know who he is. He's known enough to be able to get press coverage, and thus generate buzz that the average man-on-the-computer simply can't do. Like me.

Gene Hall

Karen, You wrote a great article and beat some other marketing thought leaders - in Silicon Valley and around the country. Congratulations on being SVAMA's Marketing Thought Leader of the year.
Gene Hall

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