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February 16, 2008


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Jeremiah Owyang


Thanks so much for the analysis on this report.

I think we agree on the graph, here's how:

The model was defined on what a successful community looked like, many of the companies underwent the same type of growth patterns, as they were all successful.

I agree with the spikes that you mention, but if we smooth out your chart, wouldn't it look similar to the curve that I presented?

Karen O'Brien

Jeremiah - Absolutely! I agree with your chart and overall my client’s communities have modeled that lifecycle and upward growth...e.g.: if I smoothed out the activity spikes it would mirror your growth curve fairly closely. The point I was making was that so many companies seem surprised at the activity spikes that accompany marketing initiatives...and are ill prepared to deal with them when they happen. I think this is because they are literally expecting smooth, consistent growth.

Then on the other hand - some companies think that they don't have to do ANY marketing for their community - they can rely on brand for example to fuel acquisition and awareness for new members, and I have rarely seen that be effective. So I'd probably add “marketing” to the lifecycle along with the "ongoing management" phase.

Jeff Paul Internet Business

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Karen OBrien

Hi Jeff - what are you looking for? Maybe I can help.

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but if we smooth out your chart, wouldn't it look similar to the curve that I presented?

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