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September 08, 2008


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Fore sure, Twitter fits well for CEO's (microformat) but BW's article is about 19 CEO's, all involved in the Internet sector... we have to wait a litlle more to see non techs CEOs use this kind of communication tool.

Karen OBrien

Great point! There are a lot of non-tech companies getting on board and using Twitter effectively - Whole Foods and Starbucks spring to mind... but very few large company CEO's that aren't in high-tech.

Jared O'Toole

Hey Karen, came across your blog on Twitter!

I think its crucial that companies get involved with things like Twitter. There really is nothing like it in terms of getting news fast. I monitor it all day to see what's going on and if something gets hot I then go read about it somewhere else in depth.

Companies really have to learn how to take advantage of tools like this if they are to move at the speeds we all expect them to.


Curt V

As an exec with a digital marketing agency (level-studios.com), I find it a tough line to straddle between agency news/brand/insight and personal information. I value my own privacy as an individual, but I guess by default I am giving that up using twitter (less than 30 days now)to try and tell a story relevant to our agency. Open to any ideas!

Brett Farmiloe (Jobing.com)

I've compiled a list of the top 15 CEO's to follow on twitter...here's the link: http://jobpal.com/hfi6

Karen OBrien

Thanks Brett - nice list! Not sure if you have seen this new initiative between Twitter and Federated Media? Aggregating executive tweets http://www.exectweets.com/

Mark Palmer

Great post. I'm a "CEO who twitters" (@mrkwpalmer, CEO of StreamBase Systems in Lexington, MA). I think there are some other benefits, from my perspective, of Twitter.

Employee communication: Lots of the people in my company read me on Twitter. It gives them a sense for where I am and what I'm doing. Especially, for example, our engineers, who don't see me everyday because I'm with investors, in the field, or with analysts, etc.

Recruiting: Twitter's a great way for people to get to know me personally, and therefore to get to know the culture of the company. If they're attracted to that personality, they'll be attracted to my firm, and that's good for us!

PR: You called it "networking," but I'm heavily involved in PR, and I think these are discreet values. I've already had reporters, for example, from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal contact me for comment based on something I wrote (actually those 2 interviews were from blog posts, but it's starting to happen with other pubs via Twitter)

Competitive Intelligence: I can monitor my competitors and what they are saying publicly. NOTE: this is a double-edged sword, they can hear what we're saying as well!

Thought Leadership: In my area, which is a new software category, there's still a lot of education of the market to be done. Twitter helps me do that.

Blatant Marketing: I'm not a big of this use (as the CEO, I don't do it, but our VP of Marketing does), but I do follow a few firms because I WANT to tune into their marketing communications.

No doubt - Twitter is a powerful tool for many reasons, if used intelligently.

Thanks for this nice article, well done.

- Mark Palmer, CEO, StreamBase

Karen OBrien

Hi Mark - I love your comments here - you make a lot of important points that highlight the use of Twitter and why so many CEOs are finding value in it.

Have you seen http://www.exectweets.com/ any thoughts on it?

Karen O'Brien
Twitter: bondjanebond

Michael Procopio

Hi Karen,

I was asked about Executive Comms and social media. Your article came in handy for the Twitter part. My write-up referencing your post is at http://mprocopio.com/blogs - "Executive Communications and Social Media"

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